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07 October 2011 @ 12:11 am
Of Comic Cons, Cacti, Rock Stars, & Hard Candy: A Kurtofsky Love Story 9/?  
Title: Of Comic Cons, Cacti, Rock Stars & Hard Candy: A Kurtofsky Love Story
Author: Celesteennui
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6230/70025 so far
Spoilers: The more episodes aired the greater the chances are that you will read something that qualifies as spoiler and that this will be considered AU.
Characters/Pairings: Main—Dave Karofsky and Kurt Hummel. Supporting—OC Kyle Queen, OC Jude Bower, Noah Puckerman, Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez and lots of other OCs because this is a FutureFic. Dave/Kurt battling it out against Dave/OC.
Summary: FutureFic. Dave Karofsky has a life that, as a teenager, he never thought was possible. He’s out and proud, has a flourishing career, an amazing circle of friends and he is neither chubby nor balding. Life is pretty perfect—right up until his boyfriend decides to break up with him. By text. On his birthday. It’s on the rebound from this debilitating blow to his pride that Dave’s path crosses with that of the last person he ever expected to see again: Kurt Hummel. Despite old wounds, though, a friendship blossoms between Dave and Kurt, one that might do more than ease Dave’s conscience over his high school screw ups—if he can let it. A How-To-Guide on getting over a bad relationship all wrapped up in humor, drama, insanity and tied with a smutty bow.
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee and I make no money from this artistic venture, it is done for the pure enjoyment of writing about one of my favorite shows. Reviews are greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

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For those who do not Grooveshark, here’s the track listing in case you’d like to look up the songs.
Middle-Jimmy Eat World
Slow-Twin Shadow
Bang-Armchair Cynics
I Think We're Alone Now-The Birthday Massacre
Night Time-The xx
This Must Be It-Röyksopp
Don't Stop-Brazilian Girls
Restless (featuring Josh Homme)-UNKLE
This playlist was picked out with much help from winterswallows. Thank you, Bea.

Author’s Note: A thank you to winterswallows for her help, guidance and annoying way of being right.

March 7th, 2013 Ithaca College, New York

Growing up with eight brothers made Kyle very strong and lit up a spark of fierceness in her that never went away. It also had her feeling confused and sort of misplaced in her own skin for the better part of her life. Not at all unlike Dave's, her high school years had been a real train wreck. Different issues, same tendency to lash out and act like a douche; she was one almost-expulsion ahead of Dave, in fact.

Things changed drastically for Kyle, though, once she made it to Ithaca and even more once she and Dave had bonded. As she told him, on her own she felt better, like she could breathe and just focus on finding the "real" Kyle underneath the girl who always had to have her hackles up in order to deal with the flood of testosterone in her home. And a part of the act Kyle really just relished in throwing out was the love of sports she'd faked to fit in with her brothers. It was the only change Dave ever found unfortunate, because Kyle, despite how much she hated it, could quote team stats like a motherfucker. And also because, thanks to Jude, Dave had discovered rugby around the same time Kyle refused to acknowledge its existence.

Rugby became one of the very few things that Dave and Jude didn't share with Kyle. Along with anything pertaining to math or science, talk of rugby had Kyle rolling her eyes then making quips about the resurgence of know-it-all renaissance men. All said lovingly, of course, but Kyle still made herself very scarce when her boys were having rugby time. Which, much as Dave and Jude loved her, was far more preferable to listening to her snark through the game.

The little gap created by Kyle's disdain for sports became a bit of a blessing, however, around the end of November. That's when an intense match between the Saracens and Harlequins had somehow led to Jude's tongue going down Dave's throat and culminated in the punching of Dave's V-Card. From then on rugby nights were also Dave and Jude's night to mess around without worry of squicking Kyle. After locking the door. They had learned from the utility closet fiasco the importance of locking the door before sex. Oh how they had learned.

The Scotland v. France match was a night without worry—though the door to Jude's room was locked (they had learned). On Thursdays Kyle was preoccupied with a block of evening classes and Jude's roommate, Patricia, only lived in their dorm on paper; her boyfriend had an apartment in town. It was just Dave, Jude, pizza, and a screen full of sweaty men running each other into the ground. In short: absolute perfection.

"You know," Jude said as the match finally wound down to a close, "This one would have been a whole lot better with some Chabal in there."

Dave nearly spat out the Coke he'd just taken a drink of. He glared playfully at Jude who was curled about a foot away feigning innocence so hard that he could not possibly look guiltier if he tried.

"What?" Jude drawled, sliding a knee up to his chest and looping an arm around it. His plush mouth was curled upwards in a smirk and a few strands of his then shoulder-length hair had escaped their ponytail to fall into those big blue eyes. It may have just been the "my-first" goggles that Dave wore but he was sure there was nothing in the world that looked as sexy as Jude did right then. Messy hair, clunky glasses, stripy socks, oversized Sinestro Corps shirt, and plaid boxers all. In later years, even after all the men he would date and after all the pretty boys he would mess around with, that memory of Jude would never really pale for Dave.

"You say that at the end of every fucking game," Dave teased.

"So not true!" Jude protested. "I did not say it after the Racing-Aviron Bayonnais match, sir! Nor Racing-Castres!"

"Oh, sorry, yeah! My bad. You don't complain when he plays." He shook his head, eying Jude with a smirk of his own. "You know, I'm starting to think that you have a crush on Sébastien." Dave tried to put his most pretentious French accent on the rugby player's name, even sticking his nose into the air at the end.

Jude countered with a raspberry and a grin that lit Dave's insides up like a barbecue pit. "Oh you're just catching onto that, huh?" He darted his tongue across his lower lip, a motion he knew full well drove Dave a little crazy. His bright blue eyes sparkled, clearly noticing the hard swallow Dave had tried to hide and giggled when Dave started to flush.

"Well, come on, Dave, have you seen that man? All sweaty and aggressive and—Whoa!" Jude's teasing came to an abrupt halt as Dave reached over and jerked him closer. For a split second Dave thought he was a little too forceful but when Jude laughed again and moved to straddle his lap, Dave let it go.

Dave tilted his head up to nibble the space just beneath Jude's chin. The other man (his lover, his boyfriend, Jude and he had never really put a label on their relationship) moaned and bucked his hips. Grinning against the column of Jude's throat, Dave sank his teeth (lightly) into the skin right above the pulse point and tugged. Jude's hips bucked again but Dave held them still gripping the plaid covered ass that they were attached to.

"You're making me jealous," Dave told Jude when those big blue eyes, glazed in a way he was truly enamored with, turned down to meet his own. It was a joke, of course, but only just mostly; Dave couldn't say that Jude possibly desiring anyone else didn't make something in his chest tighten ever so slightly.

Jude chuckled, like he could see that thing in Dave's chest, and kissed the side of his nose. "Don't be jealous." It was almost a plea. "Chabal is hot and rich but he's also straight. Not to mention his Neanderthal beard is kinda scary. Plus, he kinda has a perma-scowl going on. You know how to rock the right amount of facial hair." Jude nuzzled Dave's forty-eight-hour scruff further his point. "And you are just fucking adorable."

Dave couldn't help it, the reflex was automatic. A steady dark pink spread from his ears to his cheeks as Dave ducked his head down and the corners of his mouth slipped upward. The retort he was preparing for Jude completely fell to pieces when the other man leaned back just enough to crane his head down and capture his lips. At that point Dave's brain went completely numb and he couldn't process anything else that wasn't related to Jude. His taste, his smell, his weight against Dave and the wonderful heat of him had engulfed every neuron Dave had to process. Honestly? He was more than all right with that.

When they finally came up for air that thing in Dave's chest had gone away and was replaced by something…something light. Something positively weightless and bubbly that stretched from the pit of his stomach to the base of his throat. And yeah, even in his head that sounded so hopelessly, utterly, irredeemably cliché but that didn't change the fact that when Jude pulled back and smiled at him Dave's insides turned into San Francisco on a bad day.

And they vibrated even more when Jude whispered, "Yeah, your smile tops all of that," against his mouth, tongue prodding on the "l" and "th".

It had only been four months, give or take, since Dave had discovered what it was to be a sexual being. For years he'd been on edge over his sexuality, too terrified to even touch himself lest the images in his head should make all of those—now ridiculous seeming—fears come true. In retrospect Dave was pretty sure that was a major part of his shitty behavior not so long ago; he couldn't even escape hell to jerk one off for a minute. He had overcome so much of that though—his fear, his stigma, and a good portion of his self-loathing—thanks in no small part to the man in his lap. Kyle had thrown the lifeline and gave Dave the strength to stand but Jude showed him what living was.

Every cell in Dave's body thrummed with energy as he pulled Jude close, hands clutching and grasping and sliding all over that thin frame as they kissed again. Jude felt like a battery, fisting his hair and slipping soft wet noises across Dave's palette, each tiny movement offering a charge. It was terrifying and beautiful and necessary all rolled together then blasted apart so that Dave had to desperately sift the wreckage for something to ground him before it happened again.

"Please. Please. Please. God. Fuck, Dave!" Jude seemed incapable of anything beyond gibberish when Dave's mouth drifted away to explore his neck. Dave suckled at the pale, round protrusion of Jude's Adam's apple making him choke and grind down. Jude's cock was hard. Painfully hard and helpless beneath the barrier of his boxers. At nineteen all it took was feeling that slight brush of Jude's erection and Dave had the same problem in less than a second.

"Holy shit." Dave buried his face in the juncture of Jude's shoulder and neck. The fabric of his once comfy lounge pants might as well have been steel wool. "Fuck. Fuuuck!"

"Yeah," Jude whispered against his temple. The short, blunt nails of his lover still managed to bite as the long fingers they were attached to gripped Dave's bicep and lower back. A sloppy kiss, sloppy enough might not even have been intended as a kiss, brushed his ear when Jude bowed his head. "We should. Now. Please now."

Even if he wanted to—and there was no way that Dave could foresee himself ever not wanting to—Dave couldn't deny Jude. Especially when his dick was throbbing and really not when Jude begged. He could have been on fire and the sound of Jude begging would have had Dave on his knees ready to do whatever it was the other man asked.

Dave didn't say anything; his mouth was occupied with the spot below Jude's ear and his brain was too busy ordering him to get Jude's shorts off to be bothered with words. It was tricky and more than a little awkward but he managed to tug them down with one hand while lifting Jude up just enough with the other. Jude made a noise that, in any other situation, would have been decidedly unsexy (something between a squawk and a hiccup) as his upper half was practically thrown over Dave's shoulder. By the continuation of the weird, momentarily sexy, noise, however, Dave gathered that he didn't really mind being treated like a ragdoll.

More semi-awkwardness came in trying to pull Jude's boxers off. They only managed to free one leg, with much squirming and cursing, but that seemed to be enough. The moment that his right foot cleared Jude was back in Dave's lap pawing at the waist of Dave's pants like he'd forgotten how his fingers worked. Part of Dave wanted to laugh at his lover's insane struggle with a drawstring but another, definitely more dominant part, just wanted the same thing to happen before important bits of him went blue. So Dave raised his hips and jerked his pants down just enough, hissing as the material scraped his cock on the way.

There was no real conscious thought behind the action as Dave's right hand started to cup Jude's ass. The sensation of soft cotton morphing into warm skin was a tertiary spike on the fringe of Dave's awareness. He was too fixated on Jude's thumb sweeping over the head of his cock like he wasn't already intimately acquainted with every fold there and trying to figure out why Jude's Adam's apple always had to taste so damn good. It wasn't until his fingers slid against warmth and wetness that Dave even realized he was going that far. His index finger swirled experimentally against the pucker of Jude's anus then sank in with almost no resistance.

Dave gaped at Jude who was shivering all over; including the hand he had wrapped around Dave's shaft.

"Well that's a new trick."

Jude snorted. Or rather he tried to; in his current state of arousal the sound came out more like a clipped whine. "I had almost three hours to kill once Wilson let me go. Don't you judge me."

"Never." Dave pressed a second finger to Jude's hole. It joined the first one easily and Jude howled. God, if he hadn't been hard already… "How many times?"

Jude had let go of Dave's cock in favor of holding onto his shoulders for dear life. He was trembling in earnest now, fucking quivering and sweating as Dave stretched him. "T-two—oh fuck!" He mouthed a trail from the cap of Dave' shoulder up to his ear. Almost as an afterthought—though it couldn't be from the sneaky tone—he added while nibbling Dave's ear, "Was thinking about you. Getting ready."

There was literally no way Dave could form a verbal response to that. Not even at his most clearheaded and thoughtful of moments, as a nineteen-year-old man (boy, fuck it, he knew he was barely more than a kid), would Dave have been able to formulate an actual, coherent rebuttal to what Jude had just told him. He suspected that he wouldn't have been able to do that ten years down the road. Luckily for Dave though, he didn't need to say anything back. Nature, bless it, had prerecorded instructions implanted at the very core of his brain for these sorts of situations and they took over for him.

He pulled Jude away from his neck, tugging roughly at his long, dark hair to slam their mouths together. His tongue pried and pushed at Jude's until his lover whimpered and submitted. Jude's hands scrabbled up and down Dave's arms; like they were trying to decide what was best to hold onto until they gave up on that and the arms attached to them locked around Dave's neck. Dave tested a third finger, just to be sure, and it slid in along with the others.

Jude had a condom. Dave had no idea just where the condom came from, though the logo on it touting "for her" suggested that Jude had been sifting through Kyle's naughty drawer recently. Immediate thoughts centered on just what else Jude had found in there, why he wanted to experiment with ribbed, and just where he had been keeping it the whole time they'd been making out because his t-shirt did not have pockets on it. Those were all questions that would go unanswered. As soon as the pre-lubed condom had been rolled on Nature was back in control of Dave's brain and his hands were on Jude's hips, steadying the other man as positioned himself right above Dave's cock.

Honestly, Dave wasn't one for rough (at least not yet). He was for messy, spontaneous, and copious experimenting but common sense told him that the very prominent appendage between his legs wasn't something he should go sticking into things without thinking. With that much cock came that much more responsibility (Dave loathed Spidey but loved that pun). His hesitance was a sane. But. Jude knew his own body and what it could do so Dave had to trust him.

"Had to" was a bit strong, though. When Jude pushed himself down onto Dave's cock and started bouncing straight away Dave did not have the physical capacity to say "Hey, maybe you be a little bit careful with that". What Dave did have was the physical capacity to wind his arms around Jude, buck his hips, mutter a lot of obscenities and that was pretty much the list.

Being inside of Jude was inexpressible for Dave, no matter how many times they did this. Hot and tight were the logical descriptions but it was so much more. Every movement squeezed him in a new, wonderful way and sometimes it even hurt but God it was the best kind of hurt. He wondered how Jude could fit him sometimes, how that snug little opening could take so much.

"Shit. Fuck. God there! Don't—ah!—don't stop!" Jude cried into Dave's neck over the strong slap of skin. His cock rubbed Dave's stomach, tickling the finer hairs that surrounded his belly button. They were pressed so tightly together Dave was almost positive he wouldn't need to start jerking him in order for Jude to come.

Dave was still a novice to sex, especially compared to Jude, but he'd proven to be a quick study. In the beginning he'd just let Jude have control of everything, laid back nervously while Jude impaled himself and did the work. But that had been four months beforehand, in the aftermath Dave had learned the right spots to suck and the best angle to pump his hips to drive Jude wild. They worked together now with Dave thrusting and Jude rolling and it always seemed to get better no matter what.

"Tight. God, you're so tight. Fucking…Jude, you…" His words came in broken gasps spoken into the inky black cotton covering of Jude's collarbone. "I—fuck. You're too—I love you."

Those last words just slipped out without Dave even thinking about them. He couldn't say they weren't true but he hadn't meant for them to come out. He didn't think he was ready.

Funny thing was, that didn't seem to matter to Jude. Those three, tiny sounding words came out all hormonal and spit-slick and suddenly Jude was racing in Dave's lap. Half a dozen speedy pumps and Jude was screaming Dave's name, coming between his shirt and Dave's stomach.

Already teetering—again he was hormonal and nineteen—Dave didn't last much longer. He thrust maybe twice and then he was done for. Dave held tightly onto Jude as he pushed up one final time into that shuddering, clenching heat. Very tightly, like he was half-scared that the trembling mess in his arms might not stay to squeeze him through the aftershocks.

They remained like that, collapsed against one another, for an indiscernible amount of time. It wasn't an exaggeration; eons or mere seconds could have passed in that now musky perfumed dorm room. Dave couldn't feel time, hell, he probably couldn't understand the concept anymore. The whole world for Dave hinged on the shivering man he was slowly going soft inside of, his steady breathing, his heartbeat and how those seemed to have fallen in perfect sync with Dave's.

When Jude began to laugh the sound startled Dave. Half because hey, they'd just had sex and considering that Jude was the only one to ever judge his prowess it was kind of worrying to hear him giggling after what had felt (for Dave) like earth shattering sex. Also half because with Dave's head still pressed against Jude's clavicle the vibrations of it came through stronger and went straight into his ear.

"What?" Dave asked, tilting his head towards Jude's who had his cheek pressed to Dave's neck. The other man only laughed harder. "What?"

"Sorry, sorry," Jude giggled. He pulled back, wiping at sweaty forehead. Jude was sort of breathtakingly beautiful when he was freshly fucked, all pink with his big blue eyes still a little glazed and lips so swollen from kissing. Dave was both appreciative and resentful of the male refractory period when he looked at Jude just then. On one hand: Jude. On the other hand: his hips and abdomen needed a rest dammit.

Jude tugged at the yellow lettering on his shirt. "I just—I just thought 'Hal Jordan'." And Jude dissolved into a new fit of laughter.

Dave stared at him for several seconds as the joke sank in and then he was even worse than Jude. He laughed deeply, until his sides ached more than his hips and he collapsed onto the mattress, taking Jude with him. Another little thing that Jude didn't seem to mind in the slightest; he simply rolled Dave a little (still chuckling himself) until he was laying on his side.

"Holy shit this is the coolest pillow talk ever," Dave said after he could breathe again. "Just—Wow. You're not gonna top this. Ever."

"No, no; I think I could," Jude told him.

"Bullshit. How?"

"Next time we wear respective power rings and chant the corps' oaths when we're about to come."

"Oh my god!" Dave laughed until his eyes were wet this time. "Oh. My. Fucking. God. YES! You win at everything forever! Yes!"

"You are welcome." There was no shortage of self-satisfaction in Jude's tone as he grinned over at Dave.

Another lull of silence stretched between them as Dave's laughter died down. It was clearer and warmer than the first, though Dave would still swear the rhythm of Jude's breath was in sync with his own. Jude inched his face forward just enough to rub his nose against Dave's and his hand drifted up to thumb the edge of his jaw. Their bodies were still so tightly pressed together that Dave hadn't felt himself slipping out of Jude or register the other man's leg hiking up over his hip. He hadn't even noticed how his hands were busy carding through Jude's sweat-soaked hair and petting up and down Jude's thigh outer thigh. It was so organic, so right, that he didn't need to. It was there and all Dave had to do was accept it.

It was safe; Jude made him feel safe. Silly as it was, big, solid Dave felt more secure with himself and the world around him when wrapped, wonderfully exhausted and sweaty, in arms and legs more slender and frail than his own. Perhaps that's where the words that next escaped Dave's mouth found their courage.

"I meant it." His brain, logically, protested, but his lips moved anyway. He felt himself turning scarlet all over again and not from arousal. "Earlier when…I meant it."

"I know," Jude said; face so perfectly blank that for a moment that Dave was sure that his heart had stopped. He was positive he'd made the biggest mistake he could have made, fucked everything beyond repair, and most terrifying of all, he was sure that he'd just lost one of the two people his very survival depended on.

But all of that was so dramatic and so very not Jude. It wasn't Dave either and it undeniably didn't describe their relationship. Jude made this easy for Dave like he made everything easy for him. Because it was what Dave needed.

"Me too." So simple and perfect followed by an almost chaste press of his mouth to Dave's.

There were few thousand things that Dave wanted to say just then, but all of them seemed so pale when held up against the millions of things that they were supposed to represent. So Dave didn't bother trying. He had the feeling that Jude got it anyway, or, at least that's what his kiss tasted like this time.

"So do you have power rings?" Dave asked flagging an eyebrow; the idea wasn't going to let him go now.

"Hmm…I think—"

"Hey, I hope you fuckers are hungry!" Kyle's voice shattered any plans of kinky, semi-role-playing as she barged through Jude's door, plastic sack in hand. "I got Chinese and—AHH!" Down went the sack and Kyle shortly after as she tried to backpedal out of the room with both hands clapped over her eyes. Dave and Jude both winced as her upper body—head included—hit hard plaster.

"What is wrong with you two?" she cried, curling into a fetal position in the middle of the hallway floor. "Would it kill you to throw a sock on that handle before you fuck? Assholes!" She tried to sit up, hand going to her head—which was very pointedly turned away from the doorway. "Fuck. Fuck. I'm bleeding. Shitbricks."

Jude bit his lip as he and Dave scrambled to get up and pull their pants up so that they could check on her. And to avoid any further embarrassment when the RA and others showed up thanks to Kyle's atrocious indoor voice. "Shit. I knew I forgot something when I went to the bathroom during the first commercial break."

Dave sighed. Apparently the door lesson was still elusive for at least one of them.


Story's Present

"To tight?" HE asked, carefully adjusting the scrap of silk that was now securely fastened over Kurt's eyes. That question came wrapped in the delicious scratch of stubbled lips against the skin right behind his ear. In Kurt's opinion, the very best sort of wrapping; had his cock not already been hard from all the foreplay it certainly was now.

"It's perfect," Kurt moaned and half-collapsed into the willing body behind him. And it was. The lack of his sight had already blown up the other senses to almost frightening heights, especially touch.

He burned when his own bare skin met what felt like a wall of flesh, so warm and solid that he had no hope of stopping the whimper that the contact pulled from his lips. He mewled again as two strong arms slid around him, drawing Kurt tighter into that heat, into that body that he was equating more and more each second with something hewn straight from a cliff side. Particularly when there was something more than a little bit rocklike resting so perfectly against the cleft of his ass.

Kurt moaned again when HE moved, ever so slightly, to adjust HIS arms around Kurt's needy frame, and that thick cock pressed against his ass shifted. The sound was possibly the dirtiest, most whoreish thing to ever vibrate up his vocal chords. Worthy of a porn star, really, but what else could be expected when that one little thing (okay, one big thing) set Kurt on fire?

"You like that?" HE whispered in Kurt's ear. Those maddening lips spoke against the column of his throat. A thumb flicked across one of Kurt's nipples as HIS hand slid up to the center of Kurt's chest, fingers splaying out over his sternum. The other hand mimicked that path downward drawing circles around his bellybutton as HIS hips rocked forward.

Kurt keened for a second time and didn't care about how wanton he sounded. Quite frankly he was wanton; he was rock hard and pressed against a man who obviously wasn't disgusted by him. Wanton was just fucking perfect for that moment in time.

"Yeah, you like that," HE chuckled. The tone was thick, dark and Kurt could feel it resonate right from the center of HIS chest making him shiver. It was the most perfectly sensuous sound Kurt had ever heard. Right behind the noise that HE made when HE suddenly scooped Kurt up like a ragdoll.

Kurt really couldn't help it, he squeaked; he had just been hefted off of the ground like Scarlet O'Hara, he was entitled to his surprise. Not that it lasted very long. Right after Kurt's mouth opened HE covered it with his own, swallowing the embarrassing sound and everything else Kurt could give. A fraction of a second passed where Kurt hesitated, unsure and afraid of wanting this. The taste of HIM, though, that heady, masculine, sweet, and never-to-be-found-anywhere-else flavor destroyed all of Kurt's reservation. Winding his arms around HIS neck, Kurt opened himself enjoying that wonderful tongue fucking in and out of his mouth. He wondered if it was just his imagination or if every flick of that soft muscle wasn't somehow going deeper than the one before.

By the time they'd made it onto the bed Kurt's lips were burning and his jaw was aching. He couldn't even recall how long it had taken before his back met the mattress (or how exactly they'd gotten there). It couldn't have been long but kissing like that took up its own eternity. Not that Kurt minded either the stinging lips or the sore jaw. He craved that sort of pain more than air, even though Kurt did—reluctantly—have to pull back to breathe.

HE hovered over Kurt on hands and knees as they both took a second to replenish the oxygen in their lungs. HE was being careful and considerate, not wanting to suffocate Kurt with his weight. Kurt adored that about HIM, but the need for more, more touching, more contact, more anything that would stoke that blinding heat was too overwhelming for gentlemanly consideration. Flowery bullshit and tenderness were made for foreplay and they were way past foreplay.

Kurt leaned up, using HIS breath in the darkness to seek out HIS mouth and catch the lower lip roughly with his teeth. HE hissed, biting back but took the hint and eased HIMSELF onto Kurt, still taking the brunt of the weight through crafty maneuvering. Kurt let HIM have that and wound his legs around HIS hips, half-sobbing when their cocks brushed together. His hands scrabbled down HIS sides, across HIS back and up and down HIS arms, committing each hard plane of muscle to memory. Sweat-slick and covered in silky-coarse hair HIS body felt infinite over Kurt's. Almost as if Kurt could spend his whole life trying to map out the contours of sinew, bone and skin but he'd still never quite be able to reach it all.

Thrusting up, Kurt struggled not only to hold onto HIM but to hold off on his climax. It was too soon. The burn of his thighs as they were stretched wide, the slippery slide of their bodies together, and the exquisite thrum of HIS heart over Kurt's was too much and not enough all at once. He would have given anything in the world, absolutely anything, to stay in that moment for the rest of his life.

That wasn't really an option, though, and Kurt knew it. The steadily rising heat in the very pit of Kurt's stomach, in fact, told him that he'd be lucky to last another minute let alone a lifetime. HE seemed aware of this as well. Whether HE picked it up from the uneven, shallow breaths Kurt took or the urgent little noises he was making between them, it was unclear. What was clear is that HE saw Kurt's climax impending waving like a white flag several yards away and chose to meet it in the best possible way.

HE pulled from Kurt's arms quickly, sliding down his body so fast that Kurt didn't really have time to complain about the loss. One moment he was running his tongue against the most delicious spot of neck in all of creation and the next big hands were gripping the insides of his thighs while HIS tongue traced the length of Kurt's cock from root to tip. Kurt cried out, a sharp, staccato sound that fizzled into a helpless whimper when the head was suddenly engulfed in hot, wet perfection. Throwing back his head Kurt gripped the sheets hard enough to make the joints of his hands ache in an effort to ground himself for just a few more seconds.

There was a soft, sticky pop as HE pulled off of Kurt's cock. "Come on, baby," HE whispered. HIS lips and the stubble surrounding them grazing the hypersensitive skin of Kurt's inner thigh as HE spoke. "Come for me."

If that command hadn't set Kurt off then the rough pressure of a finger forcing past the tight ring of muscle at his hole certainly would have. He had both, though, and Kurt screamed as every muscle in his body drew up and then that bright, unbelievable heat burst at the base of his spine erupting into the more than welcoming warmth of HIS mouth. Pleasure surged through every inch of Kurt; massive, debilitating waves that seemed to crush every nerve over and over again until he was blissfully numb beneath his blindfold, oblivious to everything in the world save for the soft, hungry sounds HE made as HE licked Kurt clean. It was absolute perfection.

Or it would have been if Kurt's subconscious hadn't finally tagged out and forced his eyes to flutter open on his bedroom ceiling.

"Fuck." Kurt stared at the soft, off-white plaster above his bed, blinking heavily as he tried to gather his thoughts. He was on fire and his heart felt like it was trying to pound its way up into his throat. Shifting a little Kurt felt an all too familiar warmth and weight clinging to his briefs. He flipped back his blanket, hoping beyond reason that what he was going to find was not a ghost of puberty-past. Kurt was very disappointed.


Considering that it was about six in the morning—and he had to clean his sheets anyway—Kurt didn't even bother with trying to go back to sleep. When DN wasn't touring he usually did his best to keep to a decent, not-sleeping-until-noon schedule. Ever since settling in the New Haven apartment Kurt had been training himself to get up around between nine and ten each morning. It was mostly an effort to monopolize personal time since his roommates and the girls preferred to sleep late. Except Santana, of course. God got up whenever she thought she should no matter how much sleep she had/hadn't gotten and always operated like she'd had the recommended full eight hours of pillow time.

Luckily for Kurt, however, God and the rest of her acolytes were still asleep when he stripped his bed. After the washing machine was started, Kurt cleaned himself up, found his workout clothes, and went downstairs to the Pines' on-site gym. Gym might have been stretching the definition of the word, the place only had a four treadmills, three ellipticals, one weight machine and certainly no attached cleanup facilities or trainers. It was still nice, though, as far as Kurt was concerned, he didn't mind not having a locker room when his apartment was just an elevator ride away and he certainly didn't need a trainer to use an elliptical. He also didn't need one for the yoga he did afterward. Well, he might have, given that there was always something dicey about slowly stretching until you could get a leg behind your head but Kurt let himself live dangerously on that one. Besides, he'd been doing yoga long enough to know his body's limits and he wasn't on tour so a pulled hamstring wasn't going to ruin his life.

All of that taken into consideration, Kurt went easy on himself. Tour wasn't an issue but writing, reworking, and recording were and while Jules was definitely the mastermind when it came to all of that Kurt had his own part to play. That part being making sure Jules didn't overtax herself so that Santana, in turn, didn't murder anyone.

Kurt had just finished rolling up his mat and was preparing to head back to the apartment when the gym doors parted and in walked Jude. Despite living on the same floor of their apartment building Kurt hadn't seen much of Dave's other best friend in the three weeks or so since they'd met. He'd only caught a few passing glances of the other man, exchanging the customary polite waves and smiles before going about his own business.

"Hi," Kurt said, using his friendliest voice and smile (for what reason he couldn't be sure). "How's it going?"

Jude barely even paused to look at him. All that Kurt got was the swipe of bright blue eyes over his face, a limp wave, and a "Hey" that was hardly the most enthusiastic thing Kurt had had ever heard. Jude went by Kurt without another word and onto the nearest treadmill to start his morning workout.

He didn't know Jude, Kurt didn't know where he was from or anything about him really past his name, residence, appearance and the fact that he was very close to Dave and Kyle. Kurt had no idea what Jude had going on in his life aside from those two friends or what he didn't. There was no way for him to know if Jude was a Type-A personality, constantly working and under stress; they hadn't exchanged more than a handful of words since they had met.

Tucking his mat beneath his arm, Kurt headed toward the elevator while reminding himself sternly of all of those facts. He was the first one to admit that he was a little too proud and, from time to time, a little bit arrogant; Noah said that those faults had gotten better over the years but Kurt knew his flaws well enough to accept them. But no amount of rationalization on whether or not he was overreacting, if Jude had his iPod buds in or maybe Jude was just a terse person in the morning, could erase the sinking suspicion in the bottom of Kurt's stomach: Jude did not like him.

Author’s Note Part Deux:

Okay, so that was chapter nine. These little smut snippets are the first I’ve written in what has to be years, if at all. I say that because older fan fiction I’ve written didn’t go so in depth; the sexings were mostly just alluded to but the foreplay was there. Let me know how I did.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone again for reading and to ask you all, please, to not slip me any season 3 Glee spoilers in reviews. I’m not watching anymore and I honestly want to stay out of all the goings on, both for my personal disagreements with the show and its plot and because of fandom drama. I just don’t want to know, guys.

Luck to you all in whatever you’re doing, chapter ten will come along when I’ve got time in between studying, snacking, and napping.


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